Maru Betoonitööd OÜShaping imagination

Founded in 2011 and part of the Maru Group, OÜ Maru Betoonitööd is a construction company specializing in concrete works. We carry out projects with our own workforce based on years of professional competence and experience.
Our portfolio includes factories, parking garages and industrial buildings as well as infrastructure facilities through full-scale and collaborative solutions. In addition, we have constructed a apartment buildings with a unique design that add character to the urban space.

Completed projects


We have begun the framework construction of the apartment building at Tiiru 3 in Pärnu.

The seven-story apartment building is located near the Pärnu beach area on the coastal meadow. The building features a load-bearing…

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Frame for Hybrid Arena Espo Kivenlahti completed by us.

We are about to complete the construction of the cast-in situ and element assembly works for the Espo Kivenlahti Hybrid…

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The Concrete Building of the Year competition is on again!

The Concrete Building of the Year competition is on again! We are represented the competition this year with three objects:…

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