Areas of operation

CAST-IN-SITU concrete works

For concrete works, we carry out formwork, reinforcement, and concreting of monolithic walls, ceilings, posts, beams, and stairs.
In addition, we also have a long history of building concrete floors.


Concrete element assmbly

We carry out assembly work on reinforced concrete elements with monolithicization.

In assembly work, we rely on technologies developed internally over time to ensure a high level of quality.



We carry out the design of concrete structures, ensuring that the client obtains the optimal result. Building on our long-term experience in concrete works, we have the advantage of developing our own project solutions.

We do not get caught up in old, ineffective solutions, but we develop new solutions that are accompanied by the implementation of innovative and modern technology. We design concrete structures with our construction builders and engineers.

If necessary we also cooperate with partners. In addition, we carry out constructive design work and produce drawings for other construction companies.


Concrete floors

We have years of  experience in building various concrete floors. We carry out the construction of concrete floors for apartment buildings, public buildings, industrial and warehouse buildings and outdoor areas.


Building construction

We have built apartment buildings both in Estonia and Finland using both monolithic concrete and prefabricated concrete. When possible, we also participate in the building design to develop a suitable solution for each project as a combination of prefabricated elements, steel supports, and monolithic concrete.

Hoonete betoonkonstruktsioonid

Industrial and technical facilities

As each production area has its own characteristics, the different requirements also correspond to production buildings.

Due to the industry and the specifics of production, we carry out construction work that takes into account the specifics of the type of work.

Tööstus ja tehnilised rajatised

Infrastructure facilities

We have built tunnels, technological water reservoirs, swimming pools, fishponds, and other infrastructure facilities in up to eight meters of water. In addition, we have long-term experience in the construction of underground floors without external waterproofing.

We have developed solutions with our partners for the construction of waterproof assemblies for concrete joints. We have a database of standard nodes with recommendations for appropriate materials based on our experience. In addition to supplying material, we also design waterproof designs with detail drawings.

Infra rajatised

Parking facilities

In cooperation with our partners, we have developed solutions for the construction of parking garages located in difficult conditions.

We have also created multiple underground parking lots near different apartment buildings as well as public buildings.

Author: Mihkel Maripuu / Scanpix

Completed projects

Work is carried out by Maru Betoonitööd OÜ

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