Building construction

Apartment buildings

We have built apartment buildings both in Estonia and Finland using both monolithic concrete and prefabricated concrete. When possible, we also participate in the building design to develop a suitable solution for each project as a combination of prefabricated elements, steel supports, and monolithic concrete.

In the case of apartment buildings, if necessary, we perform flooring design and preparation work with the supply and installation of insulation materials. When concreting floors, we create either the final finish to be displayed or, for floors that will be covered up, a finish suitable for the type of covering..

Kerrostalot betonirakenteet

Public buildings

We carry out reinforced concrete framework on buildings using monolithic or prefabricated concrete, as well as in combination. We create educational institutions, student homes, medical institutions with specific requirements, sports halls, and concert halls with exposed surfaces.

Author: Siim Lõvi / ERR

Commercial space and offices

We build high-rise office buildings, hotels, and commercial premises. As needed, we construct commercial buildings using both monolithic and prefabricated concrete.

Rakennamme tornitalojen korkeuksiin kurottuvia liike- ja toimistorakennuksia, hotelleja sekä ostoskeskuksia.

Completed projects

Work is carried out by Maru Betoonitööd OÜ

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