We carry out the design of concrete structures, ensuring that the client obtains the optimal result. Building on our long-term experience in concrete works, we have the advantage of developing our own project solutions.

We do not get caught up in old, ineffective solutions, but we develop new solutions that are accompanied by the implementation of innovative and modern technology. We design concrete structures with our construction builders and engineers. If necessary we also cooperate with partners. In addition, we carry out structural design work and produce drawings for other construction companies.

We design concrete structures using a fully digital process (BIM), which ensures effective cooperation between all the parties involved in the project. We use computational programs such as FEM-Design and Robot Structural Analysis Professional to compute complex spatial constructions. For modeling and drafting, we use the latest versions of Tekla Structures and AutoCAD. We produce the drawings and models in the desired formats – PDF, DWG, IFC. We use Tekla BIMsight and Trimble Connect software to work with 3D models in the office and on the construction site. We use different project databases to share project documents.

Author: Jaan Kronberg / Scycam

Ordering concrete structures together with the project solution saves time, as the project solutions take into account the experience of the construction team. In order to save both the builder’s and the customer’s resources, we look to contribute to the construction processes already at the project planning stage. This way, we can offer the best possible solutions to all parties, while respecting the specificities of construction.

Thanks to our designers, we can quickly meet the customer’s wishes, make changes to the project, and execute them quickly. It is also possible to involve the Maru Ehitus design team in planning the works, which ensures the possibility of finding optimal solutions to overcome the most complicated technical challenges.


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