CAST-IN-SITU concrete works

For concrete works, we carry out formwork, reinforcement, and concreting of monolithic walls, ceilings, posts, beams, and stairs.

In addition, we also have a long history of building concrete floors.


  • We carry out formwork for different constructions. We also have long-term experience in building wooden and board castings, from the simplest foundations to the most sophisticated concrete surfaces.
  • We own our own modular formwork, but we also work with major formwork suppliers (Doka, Peri, Hünnebeck). If necessary, we will prepare formwork layouts.
  • For panel formwork, we use large-scale modular scaffolding. For girder slab formwork, we usually use solid-web girders, but we can also use board formworks as needed.



  • We carry out reinforcement work along with supplying rebar, preparing cutting, bending, and installing rebar. We have bending machines and guillotines for preparing rebar. We carry out reinforcement of post-tensioned concrete together with long-term partners.
  • We are prepared with our company’s team of engineers and builders to take part in planning reinforcement projects.
Author: Raul Mee/Ehitusuudised


  • Concreting of structures is an integral part of concrete work. Thus, we have strong professional experience in performing various concreting works, from concreting large-scale wind generators to concreting exposed concrete surfaces.
  • One of our main areas of activity is the construction of concrete floors with relief work for apartment buildings, office buildings, and floors of several thousand square meters.

Completed projects

Work is carried out by Maru Betoonitööd OÜ

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