Enefit, which is being built in Auvere, is reaching full height

Our work began in October 2021 with the construction of the 5-meter-deep pits for the retort building and the floor of the production building. Since a complex oil production process that requires several devices, high temperatures and the separation of moisture and vapours  will be taking place in the building, we needed to build a number of special foundations and supports.

For us, the work was divided into two parts – the retort building, where the main oil production process will take place, and the turbine building, where the hot production process will be cooled. In the retort building, there is a three-level, 18-meter-high equipment base with nearly two-meter-thick ceiling tiles, 18-meter-high walls for the equipment rooms, and a 63-meter-high staircase, all outstanding features. In the spring of 2022, we also started the construction of the turbine building with cooling water channels and pools. The turbine building also had its own turbine board base. In the turbine building, there will also be a considerable number of concrete elements installed, a total of nearly 500, the largest of which will be nearly 20 meters long and weigh more than 10 tons.

We have yet to build the technical facilities that support the basic procedures – substations, transformer rooms and other technical equipment rooms.

We would like to thank our client Eesti Energia, the main contractor Maru Ehitus, the team of Maru Betoonitööd, all cooperation partners and material suppliers for the effective cooperation.