Helsinki Olympic Stadium

The quarterly magazine Projektiuutiset which introduces Finland’s largest and most exciting completed construction projects, covered the reconstruction of the newly opened Helsinki Olympic Stadium, to which both Maru THM and Maru Betoonitööd contributed.

Maru Betoonitööd built various concrete structures for the main contractor Skanska during almost 2,5 years. In parts B, C, D, E and F of the stadium, we strengthened the old columns and beams, also built completely new structures: foundations, elevator shafts, technical shafts and tunnels, stairs and stairwells, concrete and composite slabs and other unique structures. At the peak time period, we had up to 80 workers on-site.

  1. We installed about 7600 m2 of formwork for strengthening of existing columns and beams
    2. We established four new stairwells and three elevator shafts, six new stairs
    3. We renewed the marathon gate and the front edge of the grandstand
    4. We built 9000m2 of new slabs
    5. We did nearly 45,000 square meters of formwork, of which a significant part was wooden formwork
    6. We installed 1000 tons of reinforcment steel
    7. We casted about 9,000 m3 of concrete, much of which was self-compacting concrete for strengthening covering layers

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