Works of the NPM magnet factory in Narva has started

We perform cast in situ and element assembly works for different real estate developers, manufacturing companies, infrastructure builders and general construction contractors, but the most significant landmarks are still completed together with our sister company @Maru Ehitus! 

We have started the cast in situ works of the NPM magnet factory in Narva, and the erection of the framework will soon begin. The scope of our work includes the construction of approx. 400 pad foundations, the construction of technological pits, so-called “pools” and water tanks, the installation of concrete elements for the framework of an approx. 20,000 square meter production building and a 4,000 m2 office block. The volume of our work is approx. 2100m3 of concrete constructions and the installation of approx. 1100 concrete elements. We will finish the foundations and underground structures by late autumn 2023, and the framework work is planned to be completed by the end of January 2024. Our work will then continue with the construction of approx. 24,000 m2 of concrete floors 

The factory will start producing magnets for electric cars and wind turbines, and the main market will be Europe. The plant will be unique and the largest in its segment in Europe, and therefore has a great impact on the green transition of the economy. The magnet factory to be built by Silmet’s parent company NPM plays an important role both in contributing to the practical implementation of the green transition and in creating new skilled jobs in Ida-Virumaa. 

Maru Betoonitööd – a reliable partner in responsible concrete works!