Frame for Hybrid Arena Espo Kivenlahti completed by us.

We are about to complete the construction of the cast-in situ and element assembly works for the Espo Kivenlahti Hybrid Arena. Together with the main contractor, Fira, we began construction of cast in situ evacuation shelters and lift and staircase shafts using climbing formwork in August 2023. In addition, we performed element assembly and joint casting, inter alia, of concrete columns weighing more than 20 tonnes with diagonal stiffening elements made of concrete elements, concrete beams and 25-metre TT panels.

In addition to the construction of cast in situ structures and the installation and joint casting of concrete and steel elements, our scope of the works included the construction of over 5,000 m2 of concrete floors which included for example, the concrete floor beneath the hockey rink containing cooling cables.

We were able to continue complex cooperation with our partner, Fira, covering, under a single contract, the concrete and assembly works for the entire concrete frame of the complex load-bearing structure, similar model was already taken place previously, including at the Salo Ekovoimalaitos power plant.

As a Hybrid Arena, it will serve as an important future centre of attraction for the region, offering a variety of uses for the organisation of sporting, entertainment, and community events. The more than 15,000 m2 arena will house a variety of training facilities, including a group training room, padel courts, a gym, a hockey training centre, dance studios, an e-sports centre, and a grandstand with seating for 1,500 spectators.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the team at Fira, the main contractor, for their excellent cooperation and support in making this exciting project a reality.