We have begun the framework construction of the apartment building at Tiiru 3 in Pärnu.

The seven-story apartment building is located near the Pärnu beach area on the coastal meadow. The building features a load-bearing frame made of precast reinforced concrete walls and cast-in situ ceilings, with prefabricated balcony and staircase elements. Thanks to Maru Betoonitööd’s advantage in providing a comprehensive concrete and framework service, we can serve as a partner to main contractor Tera Ehitus for the entire framework construction. Our contract includes the construction of over 1100m3 of concrete structures, approximately 4700m2 of formwork, and 174 tons of reinforcement work, the construction of over 4300 square meters of slabs, and the installation and casting the joints of nearly 500 wall elements, and altogether more than 120 different type of structural elements including columns, beams, stairs, and balcony panels.

We began the work in mid-April with the construction of the building’s foundations and slab on the ground. To date, the walls of the first floor have been assembled, and we have constructed the cast-in situ intermediate floor of the first floor.