The annual strategy seminar of Maru Betoonitööd was held in Viljandi

Every year, Maru Betoonitööd has conducted strategy seminars and trainings on improving work organization for its employees. This year, too, we undertook the traditional summer self-development and this time we travelled to Viljandi to conduct a training seminar with mentor Raimo Ülavere. Customers and customer communication play an important role in our daily work, so we reviewed our behaviour patterns, invested in improving communication skills and learned about people’s archetypes.

Raimo Ülavere: “There is a saying that 90% of the world’s mess comes from poor communication. Even more, one of the world’s most famous psychologists, Alfred Adler, has said that 100% of problems arise from relationships between people. Seems to apply in any field, with any people. If we put this together with the increasingly common way of thinking about business and organizations – that we all sell something, primarily services, well-being, problem solving – we get a good reason why it is wise to talk from time to time about what we can do ourselves, so that our relationships – with the client, colleagues and why not also with loved ones would be better.”

Based on this need, the people of Maru Betoonitööd gathered in Viljandi for two hot days in June to talk about relationships with cool heads and warm hearts. To try to understand why other people behave the way they do, why we ourselves behave the way we do. And of course, talk about what we could do better.

“Smart and nice people talking about complex and at the same time exciting things, thank you!”

In addition to training, the summer seminar also plays an important role in socializing with colleagues. We solved mind-bending mysteries in the Castle Escape room and enjoyed chef Toomas Läätse’s dinner on the summer terrace of the Schlöss Fellin restaurant.

We ended the exciting two-day seminar with a visit to one of our construction sites. We went to see the Viljandi health centre Tervikum construction site, which is being implemented by the general contracting consortium RandjaTuulberg / Ehitustrust, to take a look at what has been done, get acquainted with the innovative technical solutions in use and evaluate the high-quality result.