Maru Betoonitööd contributes to further development of the company

At the end of May, we once again held a seminar with members of the Maru Betoonitööd team. This time, we focused on the organisation of the company’s sales performance and the importance of communication to maintain a healthy customer relationship. We highly value our existing customers and are happy to report that we have established a loyal customer base. We can, however, definitely serve more customers than before and develop further by focusing on finding a solution to customers’ problems, proposing solutions and then implementing them successfully. The venue, the Pirita Monastery of the Order of St. Bridget, favoured an emphasis on openness, honesty and exchange of customer communication.

Our thanks go to Kari Maripuu for preparing and curating the seminar and with whom we have continued to solve the implementation of our strategic goals after the EAS strategy practicum.

At the seminar, we mapped out how sales are done in the construction industry and at Maru Betoonitööd, how to reach new customers, at what moments we can be of help to the customer by mapping their concerns and developing a solution, how to choose between the incoming price inquiries if we cannot answer all the requested inquiries and how to make the internal work organisation more efficient.

We also analysed the situations that will arise on the construction site and how to ensure a balance between fulfilling our contractual obligations and still maintaining a good customer relationship.